Conference registration
All prices are free of VAT.

Early bird fee (before 2 July 2022)

PhD students: €150 
Academics and industry: 300

Standard fee (from 2 July 2022)
PhD students: 200
Academics and industry: 350 

The conference registration closed on Friday the 9th of September.

Accommodation registration
All prices are VAT included, €5.45 administration cost excluded:
Multiple room: €52 per person per night
Single room: €67 per person per night

Participants are given the opportunity to stay overnight at the Floréal conference venue itself. It is mandatory to register for the conference first prior to the booking of accommodation (an ID will be given during registration and should be used for booking). Booking this accommodation must go through this website. You will be redirected to the site.

The accommodation booking closed on Tuesday the 20th of September.

Please become familiar with our general conditions before registering. All information regarding the registration, annulation, and privacy policy can be found in the general conditions.