Call for Abstracts


Abstracts dealing with the following topics can be submitted (both an oral and poster contribution):

  • Chemical Synthesis & Methodologies
  • Chemical Processes & Reactor Technologies
  • Chemistry meets Biology
  • Energy & Environment
  • Functional Materials
  • Renewables & Sustainability

The Call for Abstracts is open (only for poster contributions)

The call for abstracts is open: you can submit your abstracts for an oral and/or poster contribution (see button below). Before doing so, please take notice of the following:
  • Only one speaker will be able to present an abstract during the symposium. If more speakers are set for one abstract, only the first speaker (order 1) will be selected to present the submitted abstract.
  • References can be included to support your abstract. Please use the following reference style: Last name, First name. et al. Title. Journal. Volume/Issue, Page numbers (year). A fictitious example: Einstein, A. et al. Theory of special relativity. Nature. 72/1871, p1-5 (1905).
  • After submitting an abstract, you will receive a confirmation email from, showing your abstract content and including a link to adjust your abstract (possible up to 15 April).

01 Feb 2022

Call for abstracts opens

Oral and poster contributors can send in their abstract.

01 Feb 2022

15 Apr 2022

Deadline oral contributions

The call for abstracts for the oral contributions closes on April 15 at 23h59 (EXTENDED DEADLINE.

25 May 2022

Communication selected oral contributions

A committee will carefully evaluate and make a selection of orals that will be granted.

25 May 2022

5 September 2022

Deadline poster contributions

The call for abstracts for the poster contributions closes.